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Natural Co-extrusion Composite Wall Panel 169H28.5-Advanced


If you want the natural texture like classic WPC products, but also want the high performance and durability of the co-extrusion products series. This wall panel will be your best choice. The section of wallboard can do either monochrome or mixed color effect, compared to the classic series, its color is more rich and bright with excellent color fixing effect. Better anti-UV, anti-fouling, anti-scratch performance are its outstanding advantages. Relative to the co-extrusion series, it has a realistic sense of wood texture, laying the full effect of artistic sense, and natural integration. The overall design is beautiful and simple, and the installation effect is artistic.

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- Founded in 2002 & the longest established WPC producer in China

- Exported to more than 60 countries and regions

- President unit of China Plastics-wood Composite Products Association of CPPIA

- Subsidiary of public listed company

- WPC manufacturing and R&D center

  • Various products including FSC and flame retardant    
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