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Garden deck tiles in indonesia

Best Outdoor Flooring - Living in Indonesia 

Given the tropical climate in Indonesia, integrating outdoor living spaces is a tradition that continues across local homes. Homeowners invest a fair amount of time and money making their outdoor spaces into beautiful places to relax, entertain or garden. We need the surface to be tough and one that looks attractive and robust against normal weather variances. 

Outdoor Flooring Options are manufactured from durable, and eco-friendly materials that can withstand any type of weather. 

From balconies and terraces to small roof over your kitchen, humid conservatory or large garden deck - tiles can really make it a beautiful but also more than stone-only outdoor space. 

Garden Deck Tiles Indonesia: All you need to know! 

With a choice of materials, sizes and styles, jfwpc Weather-resistant decking in indonesia are the perfect floor covering for any outdoor setting.


Backyard deck tiles or gardening squares are constructed of solid wood and synthetic materials like plastic and stone. For a more traditional look, people are gravitating toward wooden tiles. While recycled composite outdoor decking tiles in indonesia are easy to install and have a longer lifespan, their plastic counterpart is lightweight. Stone tiles accomplish a beautiful and natural aesthetic. 

Sizes and Shapes: 

These tiles are available in 30x30cm, 50x50cm and some interlocking versions such as puzzle anti-slip vinyl tile, snap-together vinyl, flooring tongue, groove, edge to edge fixed or corner adjustable ones.

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