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cover edge for wpc wall panel

The extrusion mold can determine the co-extruded surface layer, but to improve your WPC wall panel in appearance you should give priority attention to finer details that display a polished and refined look of it. One very important feature to look for is the cover edge that ensures a smooth and elegant transition between your panels.

Thankfully, there are tons of edge options for covers out in the market that you can use to suit your design needs whether they be interior or exterior. Below, we explore the 5 most stylish ways to trim around your WPC wall panel edges along with some expert advice on how you can choose a perfect cover edge for yourself.

5 Ways You Can Cover Your WPC Wall Panels On Edge Stylishly

PVC Edge Banding- For hiding the edges of WPC wall panels, PVC edge banding is a popular choice due to its easy installation and sleek look. This is a good choice as they With their different colors and thickneses this perfect for matching your panel design. Its resistance to moisture as well temperature changes ensures that it is able to provide a durable and reliable solution for many years.

Aluminum Edge Trims: You can select aluminum edge trims to give a modern, industrial feel to your panels. Contemporary and minimalist trims resulting in zero Sharp edges. Furthermore, they are corrosion and rust-proof which make them ideal for outdoor use.

Wood Veneer Edging- If you are looking to go a bit more traditional and natural when it comes to edge banding, the wood veneer could be your best bet. This kind of mantel edge has a hot and characteristic bid that functions admirably with rural or older style. High-quality wood veneer edging is available in a wide variety of species and grain patterns, tailored to match your WPC wall panels.

If you want to go for something a bit different and interesting, then ceramic tile trim can add some texture as well as depth to the edges of your WPC wall panels. There are a variety of colors and profiles to choose from so you can create that one-of-a-kind design statement.

Commercial Stone Edge Caps: Give your cover edge a chic and professional appearance with stone edge caps. This choice exudes a sophisticated and classic charm, perfect for upscale interior or exterior proposals. Marble, Granite and Travertine - You can choose between these materials to find WPC wall panels that are the right fit.

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