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Joist for outdoor decking in indonesia

Building a Durable Deck in Indonesia's Hot and Humid Climate 

When building a deck in Indonesia, we should be selective and special attention must be paid to the materials used - especially on an important element namely joists. These are structural joists that become the foundation of your deck and serve to keep it stable. This can result in an unsafe, structurally weak deck. 

How much cost to build a deck in Indonesia? 

In Indonesia, jfwpc outdoor deck are relatively easy and cheap to build, as material costs generally surpass labour expenses. The type of material you decide to use has a huge impact on the total cost that will go into building an outdoor deck. Pressure Treated Lumber is budget friendly, but it will need maintenance every few years. Composite joists combine the natural look and sustainability of hardwood with excellent durability, aluminum joists are fire resistant while providing strength. 

Choosing the Right Joists for Deck

The climate considerations, load-bearing capacity and anticipated location as well as your budget are some essential factors which you have to take into consideration when selecting the perfect material for joists in your new jfwpc deck. These decisions can determine the type of joists used for a strong foundation that not only withstands tough Indonesian weather but, also carries your outside decking load. 

Why choose jfwpc Joist for outdoor decking in indonesia?

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