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1. Why choose JUFENG® WPC?

    Nanjing Jufeng New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a subsidiary company of a listed company. As the first batch of plastic wood production enterprises in China, it has rich industry experience and independent research and development capabilities. The standard led the drafting work, and was selected as the director unit of the China Plastics Association Plastic and Wood Products Special Committee in 2019. Products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions and are widely recognized by users around the world. 

2. What are the advantages of JUFENG® plastic wood compared to solid wood materials?

    JUFENG® wood-plastic technology is mature, and it is equipped with a multi-specification molding production line with independent intellectual property rights, so that the product has the appearance and temperature of wood, and has good waterproof, color-fixing, mildew- proof, insect-resistant, anti-fouling and other characteristics. It greatly facilitates the subsequent use of the product, and also reduces the actual use cost of the product due to its low maintenance cost and long service life.

3. What are the advantages of JUFENG® plastic wood over other artificial outdoor floors?

    The production and installation of JUFENG® plastic wood realizes the whole process of aldehyde-free operation. It has FSC certification and passed the REACH test, which is safe and environmentally friendly. 

4. How to distinguish JUFENG® 1st generation WPC and JUFENG® 2nd generation WPC?

    The surface of the first-generation product of JUFENG® plastic wood is not covered by a co-extrusion layer, which is more absorbent, while the surface of the second-generation product has a 360° wrapped co-extrusion layer, which makes it have longer service life and more vivid color options.

5. What quality certifications has JUFENG® WPC passed?

    JUFENG® WPC has won more than ten honors and certificates such as the European Green Apple Gold Award and the National Key New Product, and has passed the ISO 9000 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifications. European CE standard and EU chemical control (REACH) certification, long-term testing in ITS and SGS and passing the corresponding standards.

6. How is the color fixation of JUFENG® wood-plastic?

    JUFENG® WPC has undergone rigorous UV testing, and the second-generation co-extruded products have only extremely slight color difference after 2000 hours of UV testing.

7. Is JUFENG® wood-plastic flame retardant?

    JUFENG® attaches great importance to the safety of users, and can manufacture products with different flame retardant grades to meet the needs of different environments with strong technical support.

8. How to clean JUFENG® WPC?

    JUFENG® plastic wood has good anti-fouling performance. Generally, water can be used. For obvious stains, household cleaning products (soap or detergent) can be used.

9. How to install JUFENG® WPC?

    JUFENG® WPC is easy to process and has a large number of DIY products. Only 1-2 people can complete the installation operation of the home use scene. For detailed operation instructions, please refer to the installation instructions.

10. Does JUFENG® plastic wood have a warranty?

    JUFENG® WPC has perfect warranty terms, and promises to provide 15 years for the first-generation products in the household field, 5 years for the commercial field, 25 years for the second-generation products in the household field, and 10 years for the commercial field..
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