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The WPC International Standard ISO19821:2017 that Led by Jufeng is Officially Released


The international standard ISO19821:2017 "Determination of span rating for natural fibre-reinforced plastic composite (NFC) deck), which has been led by Nanjing Jufeng new materials Co., Ltd., has been officially released in November 2017.

In recent years, wood plastic composites have been widely recognized by the market and grow rapidly. They become an important green environmental protection engineering material. It has been widely applied in the field of architecture and decoration, including planks, fences, floors, fences, floors, walls and so on. It also applies to packaging, automotive, furniture and other applications. In the outdoor use of plastic wood composite material, the determination of span bearing value is related to some key application properties, such as aging resistance, moisture resistance, UV resistance and freezing thawing resistance.

The standard specifies the key application indicators of natural fiber reinforced plastics composite for paving and stair pedals, the method of determining the span grade, includes span assessment, acceptance and related performance test methods. The purpose is to help the manufacturers, consumers and engineering designers of the plastic plank products to deepen the understanding of the load-bearing performance of the wood planks, promote the technology development, sales and application of the wood plank products.



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