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Co-extrusion Deck



Co-extrusion Deck is manufactured using the latest technology in the industry, with durable, natural wood grain patterns and tropical hardwood finishes that match beautifully with our railing system. You can use Co-extrusion Deck to create your own warm, long lasting backyard resort, and enjoy for years to come. 
First there was wood decking, then came standard composite decking. Now there's Co-extrusion Deck , the new generation of composite decking and railing. Co-extrusion Deck is made with recycled PE and natural fibers, no PVC and no ingredients that will ever harm our environment. With a distinctive nature wood grain pattern and a tropical hardwood finish, Co-extrusion Deck has a nature wood appearance and stays that way for decades. Our unique technology and proprietary formula provide Ultra-performance compared to other composite decking. No cracking, no splinters, no mold, no staining and no scratching, Co-extrusion Deck provides superior protection in high traffic areas.

Teak-Solid.jpg  TK-纹理.jpg  Teak-Hollow.jpg

Choose Your Color

AT.jpg      LG.jpg      SI.jpg      CH.jpg

                          AT(Antique)                               LG(Light Gray)                               SI(Silver Gray)                                   CH(Charcoal)

Teak.jpg        RW.jpg        WN.jpg

                                                          TK(Teak)                                        RW(Redwood)                                     WN(Walnut)

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What is Co-extrusion?



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